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An Algorithmic Experimentation and Auditing Platform Machine Learning and AI Applications

Actionable ML/AI experimentation through a Sandbox-driven approach

QuSandbox is a revolutionary platform that uses machine learning and AI techniques to build and validate models.Powered by GPUs and the cloud QuSandbox can process massive amounts of data collected from sensors and other IOT platforms enabling a fast-fail approach to building and scaling Machine Learning Systems

Synthetic data and Actionable Analytics

Our API-driven environment enables integrating synthetic, private and augmented datasets in data science workflows. Our analytics powered by the cloud enables analysts to create trackable and auditable experiements leading to successful deployment of models and applications in the enterprise

QuSandbox is vendor-agnostic and models can be in open-source or in proprietary packages and we support both on-prem and cloud deployment options

Audit-ready, tracking and reporting

Our customizable and rich reporting capabilities enables actionable analytics at your fingertips to enable algorithmic auditing,tracking and reporting to drive successful AI adoption in the enterprise

On-demand reports and monitoring assist in dynamic decision making and to check system health